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Graduate Diploma

Graduate Diploma


The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is designed for graduates of other disciplines who may be interested in changing career direction and perhaps eventually qualifying as a registered psychologist, or for those who wish to study psychology out of interest in the discipline. The course consists of eight compulsory subjects and two elective subjects, worth 12.5 points each (125 points in total). These ten subjects comprise the three-year undergraduate sequence accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), which is required as a first step for professional registration. 

Graduate Diploma in Psychology students participate in the normal lectures and classes of psychology undergraduate students. Unlike our undergraduates, Graduate Diploma students only have to complete the ten subject sequence, and do not need to take additional subjects in other disciplines. All psychology subjects at the University of Melbourne include a laboratory/tutorial component in addition to a lecture program. 

Graduate Diploma students, upon successful completion may apply for entry to an accredited fourth year program in psychology at the University of Melbourne or at other Australian universities. The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is offered both as a part-time and as a full time program.


The Open Day 2014 Presentation by Dr Katherine Johnson can be downloaded from the link below:

2015 Open Day Presentation (PDF, download)

Application & Fees

Application Closing Dates:

Summer Semester 2016: extended until 30/11/2015. No applications will be accepted after this date.

First Semester 2016: extended until 31/1/2016No applications will be accepted after this date.

Second Semester 2016: 26 June 2016

Summer Semester 2017: 31 October 2016



Application Forms:

Online application:

To make your application experience easier, you need to know the “study package code” or “Program code”. Graduate Diploma in Psychology: 340AA


Click here for fee tables. You will find fee details under "Graduate Schools of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences". Click here for information on financial aid, including details on Centrelink

There are no commonwealth supported places available for any student, however Australian citizens may be eligible for fee help. Please see Future Students Website



Selection Advice

  • Eligibility: Completion of a recognised undergraduate bachelors degree or equivalent in any field of study except degrees with a significant psychology component or a major in psychology
  • Applications will be considered from applicants who have completed a psychology major degree more than 10 years prior to application
  • Applicants who have already completed an Australian Psychological Accreditation Council (APAC) accredited undergraduate psychology major within the previous ten years are NOT eligible to apply for entry to the Graduate Diploma 

Program structure

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology offers you a unique level of flexibility. Several options are available dependant on when classes are scheduled, with a number of subjects taught in late afternoon/evenings. Click below for a sample course outline:

The minimum amount of time in which the full-time qualification can be completed is 12 months (January – December). Students who wish to complete the course full-time must apply to start the course in the summer intake. It should also be noted that this is a particularly intensive mode of study and students often find it necessary to spread their studies over a longer period of time.

It is possible to change to a part-time mode after completing the summer intensive subjects which will then allow completion of the program within two years.


Course requirements

First-year Subjects:

PSYC80001 Mind Brain and Behaviour 1 (Summer Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC80002 Mind Brain and Behaviour 2 (Summer Semester) (12.5 points)


PSYC10003 Mind Brain and Behaviour 1 (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC10004 Mind Brain and Behaviour 2 (Second Semester) (12.5 points)


Second-year Subjects:

PSYC20006 Biological Psychology (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC20008 Developmental Psychology (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC20007 Cognitive Psychology (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC20009 Personality and Social Psychology (Second Semester) (12.5 points)


Third-year Subjects:


For students commencing the Graduate Diploma in Psychology prior to 2015

PSYC30013 Research Methods for Human Inquiry (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30021 Psychological Science: Theory and Practice (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

For students commencing the Graduate Diploma in Psychology from 2015

PSYC40014 Advanced Research Methods in Psychology (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC40013 Advanced Psychological Theory and Practice (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

Electives (Choose Two):

PSYC30012 The Unconscious Mind (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30017 Memory, Perception and Cognition  (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30018 Neuroscience and the Mind  (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30014 Psychopathology of Everyday Life  (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30015 Applications in Psychology  (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30016 Social and Emotional Development  (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30019 Development of the Thinking Child  (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30020 The Integrated Brain (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30022 Trends in Personality and Social Psychology  (Second Semester) (12.5 points)



Click on the images below for other sample course plans:

Study options

Part time

Full time

Advice for international students

  • International students are only eligible for the summer term intake, full time option
  • English language test of IELTS 6.5 or equivalent required which should be made available as part of the application as typically there is not enough time to complete this before enrolment. We do however recommend as high a level of proficiency as possible due to the intensive nature of the program
  • There are currently no University of Melbourne sources of funding for international students for this program
  • Transcript from university should clearly outline all subjects undertaken
  • For further advice, please see Future Students: International Students website


  • A complete academic transcript of your completed undergraduate bachelors degree. Originals or certified copies are typically required. When an unconditional offer made, we will require a certified original copy
  • No academic referee reports required
  • No personal statement required
  • Copy of passport (original required upon enrolment
  • While this is a graduate qualification, the subjects undertaken comprise of the undergraduate APAC accredited psychology sequence

Outbound exchange

Outbound study abroad

Uni services

As well as the brochure, see the 'Our Melbourne' website. Students receive additional support through the Student Centre of the Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences

After graduation?


What can I do with a Graduate Diploma in Psychology?

Graduate Diploma students have access to the opportunities discussed above for Bachelor graduates with a three year Psychology major. 
In addition, because graduates will have a range of backgrounds, perhaps including previous professional careers, they will have additional options – including both options to progress within their existing careers, or to move to careers which make use of their psychology studies.
What is available will vary from individual to individual. Discuss your situation with teaching staff and/or make an appointment for a Careers Consultation: (go to ‘view appointments’ and choose one tagged for either Arts or Science).
Some of the ways in which recent Graduate Diploma graduates have made use of their Psychology studies:
  • Taking on a data analytics role within a financial services organization where previously employed in customer service 
  • Moving from office administration to consulting within a human resources consultancy
  • Adding Psychology teaching area to secondary teaching role
  • Moving from general administration in a university to working in research support




Common room

A dedicated Graduate Diploma Student Computer Lab is available to all students on this program, in addition to the wealth of facilities open to all students.


This program does not offer graduation as part of the typical Graduation Ceremonies, but alternatively a dedicated evening ceremony is provided for family and friends where testamurs are awarded, usually in March each year